Future is today

The processes of the future are being developed today. Together with DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, ePhilos develops applications that follow all rules of artificial intelligence.
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Customer opinion

Hamburger Sparkasse AG

Central Purchasing Area Director

 ⇒ Volker Widdra:

"The qualitively high-value ComfortMarket eProcurement software has proved itself to our complete satisfaction thanks to the flexible combination of standards and individuality in our company for many years." 

System compatibility

CM possesses an internal, bidirectional interface, consisting of application-related objects with predefined data structure, which - by use of flexible mapping - can be adapted to the data structure of external systems (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Baan,  etc.) both quickly and cost-effectively.

By the predefinition of objects that can be expanded if necessary, CM exhibits a high degree of flexibility in terms of system integration with minimal effort.

This interface ensures a complete business integration of the procurement process.


Supplier Relation Management

Alongside the opening up of new markets, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to successfully conduct projects designed to cut costs, improve business processes and raise efficiency.

In this respect, solutions in the SRM area - at a professional level - offer good possibilities to achieve better purchasing conditions as well as improvements in the internal processes and reduction of process costs in connection with suppliers and service providers.

We offer you support, starting from choice of suppliers, catalogue management, ordering process, electronic invoice processing, through to final evaluation of the completed processes - and all this combined with your ERP, irrespective of whether it is SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (former Navision) or industry solutions.

The modular design principle

Individualised eBusiness solutions based on a well-founded standard solution

As much standard as possible – as much individuality as necessary

The optimisation of procurement processes over the whole purchasing area represents a complex management process, regardless of the legal and organisational form - whether it be a company, institute, administrative body or association. The ComfortMarket solutions provide a reliable technical basis for this, on which it is possible to map all the organisational structures. When optimising procurement processes, the entire organsation should be taken into account on a holistic level.


1.    The modular design principle: with our philosophy at ePhilos, individualisation is the selection from an extremely extensive modular design system according to the client's requirements. This approach ensures that the solution can easily and rapidly meet the requirements of clients both today and in the future.

2.    Maximum user friendliness: also part of our philosophy at ePhilos is the individualisation of process flows according to the type of product or service concerned - but nevertherless standard for all interfaces to the market leaders SAP and external systems. This combination of individualisation and standard provides the guarantee that everybody involved in the process, such as purchasing, users and the IT department are optimally supported in their process flows.

3.    The solution is for purchasing and the users – and will also facilitate the work of departments involved, such as IT, accounting, warehousing, etc.


The compiling of the modules from the modular design system for the customised solution is done in collaboration with ePhilos AG.

When defining the specialist processes, the client has the possibility to introduce all of his requirements into the solution. In doing so, the decision will be made which customising possibilities or administrative functions are available to the user  - for example: changing workflows, definition / specification of roles and rights for view control and function enabling.

Our process model for your success!

The process model divides the project into the following phases:

1. project initialisation,
2. business blueprint,
3. realisation,
4. production preparation and
5. go-live & support.

Following the "project initialisation", which includes detailed planning, technical requirements planning and project kick-off, in the "business blueprint" phase the project work focuses on the definition of the business process requirements.

The "realisation" phase implements these requirements on a successive basis by customising the system and development work, and concludes with a comprehensive integration test.

The "production preparation" phase consists of carrying out application tests using test or genine data, detailing the launch planning as well as (in parallel) training the end users in the subsequent production start-up of the system.

The "go-live & support" phase supports the aftercare of the production system.

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